The Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors and, to comply with current legislation they have to be over 18 years of age and either live, work or own property in Aylmerton or within three miles of the village. The Parish Council is elected every four years.

Parish Council Responsibilities:

The Parish Council is responsible for looking after the War Memorial, Aylmerton Cross the village pond and the bus shelter.  We report Highways maintenance issues –  such  as deteriorating road surfaces, potholes,  footpath clearance, kerb maintenance, sign cleaning, gulley clearing, etc.  We provide Allotments for parishioners, at a reasonable rent.  We  receive and consider planning applications and report our observations to the Planning Department.  

Chairman – Cllr Simon Kelsey

Vice Chairman – Cllr Tom Warner

Cllr Peter Fisher, 

Cllr John Lynes,

Cllr Janet Morris

Cllr Trevor Williams

Clerk :  Patsy Adams 

Contact us: by email:  [email protected]

By Telephone 01263 837119